Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents are scary, and a vehicular accident can be the scariest thing for a person and their family. But perhaps the most frightening type of vehicular accident is going to be those that involve large trucks, as they are particularly devastating and often leave the victims of said accidents with catastrophic injuries. 

Most often these truck accidents and similar vehicle accidents are resolved through settlement with the insurance carriers of either the company or the person who is at fault, but sometimes large truck accidents have added layers of complexity surrounding who is at fault. 

This is because there are often multiple insurance agencies involved, trucking companies, truck drivers, and more people involved in these types of accidents. 

Work With A Lawyer Early

With a typical car accident, there are very few parties involved, such as drivers and those drivers insurance companies. But when an accident involves a large commercial truck, there are often more than drivers involved:

  • Anyone who is involved as a driver, whether truck or traditional driver.
  • Traditional insurance carriers, usually what people who do not drive large trucks use.
  • The truck driver and their company, often a trucking company.
  • Commercial insurance carriers.
  • Legal teams, possibly multiple legal teams.
  • Possibly state and federal regulators. 

A trucking company and the insurance carrier for that company will definitely try to lessen the amount they’ll payout in terms of a settlement. They’re going to have the resources needed to push back against claims made against them, and that’s why it is important for you to hire a truck accident lawyer. 

A skilled truck accident lawyer is going to have the skills and expertise needed to help you through the process of suing a large trucking company and handling their insurance. The typical role of a lawyer in these situations is to be multifaceted, so that they may help you to understand and determine whether you have a claim or case; ensure that you receive the medical care that you need; work with financial experts to help decide your total losses and start the investigation process. 

When the investigation occurs, it’s going to be more extensive than the typical car accident on the roadway. In fact, commercial trucks are heavily regulated and this means that your lawyer is going to have to dig really deep to obtain inspection or maintenance records, truck driver safety records, safety history of the trucking company itself, and much more.

Some other additional information that will be obtained by your lawyer to support your case is below. Keep in mind this is not a full list:

  • Your lawyer will obtain photographs of the crash, and will be thorough in the photos that they look at.
  • They will also obtain any video surveillance from footage in dash cams or nearby buildings, even road cams if applicable. 
  • They’ll obtain the trucks black box data.
  • They will also acquire mobile device data, such as GPS.
  • Statements from eyewitnesses are also obtained.
  • And of course accident reports from the police and other law enforcement agencies.