Questions Should You Ask an Attorney?

When your life changes because of an accident, it can feel like you don’t have many options. You may be hesitant to pursue the person who is responsible for your injuries. However, you might be burdened with numerous expenses that you don’t know how to pay for yourself. So what it’s the best option? Meeting with an esteemed personal injury lawyer, who has experience handling many accident cases can be a good place to start.  During your first consultation, there are several questions that you should ask to see if they are the right person to work on your case. 

How much experience do you have? 

You want to choose the right lawyer to handle your case, and it is best to go with one who has many years of experience. Look for a lawyer that has had several years of practice experience and has successfully secured fair settlements for their clients. Keep in mind that more experienced lawyers or those who have certain specialties may charge more for their legal services. 

What kind of cases have you worked on? 

What lawyer you choose is dependent on the factors and circumstances of your situation. For example, some personal injury lawyers specialize in car accidents. Ask a lawyer about their background and see if they have worked on cases with similarities to yours. 

What damages am I entitled to? 

A critical thing you need to know when you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim are the damages you may be able to claim. A lawyer will review a list of your medical expenses, future expenses, missed income, and other losses to see what damages you are entitled to. 

How long will my case take?

The time it takes to resolve a personal injury case varies widely. It will depend on the extent of your injuries, the types of damages, how cooperative the other party will be, and many other factors. Personal injury cases may involve many parties to exchange information with, so it will depend on how complex your case is. 

Figuring out what steps to take after suffering a serious personal injury accident can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Begin with the basics and focus first on gathering information while you do research to decide on a lawyer to hire. Set up a consultation with a top personal injury lawyer now if you are looking to receive quality legal assistance.